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HUman Design

Find your frequency. Learn to perceive your personal vibration through the profound insights of your energetic map. Begin to step out of your mind and into your body. 


What is Human Design?

Human Design is the science of differentiation, providing you with an energetic blueprint of your unique abilities and traits. It provides deep insights into your natural way of being and sheds light on areas where you may be more prone to conditioning from the energies around you.

Using a blend of ancient esoteric systems such as


| The Kabbalah | Astrology | I-Ching | Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System | Quantum Physics | Genetic Code |

       Your chart will show you:

  • The blueprint of your aura 

  • How you are affected by those around you and how you affect others.

  • Insight into your energy levels, how you process emotions, how stress is best handled and even where your intuitive insights are at their sharpest.

  • Personality traits, unconscious habits, social orientations and how best to interact with the world you live in. 

Human Design acts as a personalized guide to help you learn how to trust your instincts and make the decisions that are correct for you.


Victoria, BC, Canada

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