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Hey! I'm Jayne. I hail from Vancouver Island, along the West Coast of Canada. Blessed with beautiful beaches and crisp, fresh air.


I am a Human Design enthusiast and have successfully completed Human Design Consulting Trainings levels 1, 2 and 3 with Chetan Parkyn at Human Design for Us All, and consistently continue my research through my own deconditioning process and ongoing study. Additionally, I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, offering self-healing and exploration through hypnosis.

Although it feels like a lifetime ago, my upbringing and early life had been tumultuous and unsteady. The instability in my outer life created immense instability within myself. I suffered from depression, anxiety and yo-yo’d between severe insomnia to chronic fatigue.


Having played victim to my circumstances and mentality for longer than I’d like to admit, I began to wake up within my suffering, the fog finally began to clear. Allowing me to see that I had and have always been in the driver’s seat of my life. Finally, I was able to see that I had control over my responses to the uncontrollable. 


The rest is history - my spiritual awakening began over the course of many mini-awakenings. In consuming copious amounts of content in mindfulness, psychology and spirituality (including Human Design and Gene Keys); and in utilizing and internalizing those very practices, I rewired my brain and freed myself from my mental anxieties, which I now seek to help others achieve themselves.



Jayne recently did a reading for me and it blew my mind! It helped me understand so much about myself, giving me insight into my past experiences as well as how I could move forward in so many areas of my life.This experience was highly valuable to me and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking more understanding and direction in their own life path.


Highly recommend a human design reading to anyone looking for increased self awareness, confidence, insight and direction! Jayne puts together a thorough and thoughtful interpretation of your chart and helps you understand what human design is based on. She’s been patiently answering my questions as they come up as I integrate the insights from the reading into my life.


Jayne not only introduced me to Human Design but has guided me through unlocking some very significant insights attributing to my specific makeup.

She’s able to translate these concepts into simple, everyday examples which allowed me to uncap some very powerful self-growth.

Jayne’s knowledge and direction is both profound and lighthearted. For me, this is just the tip of the iceberg for tapping into Jayne’s knowledge.


I am blown away by Jayne’s knowledge and guidance. My human design chart is so accurate and Jayne’s interpretation allowed me to really understand who I am. Jayne was able to give me insight into certain areas of my life where I have struggled.


I felt very comfortable exploring all of these aspects with Jayne, as she has mastered a compassionate and upbeat delivery. Learning about my human design has been life-changing and I am excited to implement Jayne’s advice to better navigate my way through life’s challenges.

my mission


My mission is to share the insights, tools and practices that have allowed me to find surrender, and help in guiding others to finding peace within themselves. 


I hope to trigger the recognition that authority is not something that lies outside of ourselves, but lies dormant inside each of us waiting to be claimed.

Finding Human Design and BQH have catalyzed my own growth immeasurably. In being able to own my gifts and abilities, rather than suppress them, and in holding space for myself to truly understand how I operate, I have been able to give myself the gift of true self-respect and self-love.

And this is my objective exactly, to light the fuse that catalyzes growth amongst anyone looking to better themselves. To help others understand and appreciate their energy better, trust themselves more, and navigate their lives with clarity and confidence.

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