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Book A Reading

Initial Human Design Readings are inclusive of:

  • Using your birth date, time and location, you will receive an 8-10 page PDF curated to your specific energy and aura outlining the following:

    • Your Human Design Aura Type, Strategy and Authority

    • Profile Type

    • Review of your 9 Centres (Chakras)

    • Review of your Channels and Not-Self themes

  • A 60-minute synthesis of your chart via Zoom, where we cover the fundamental elements of your chart in further depth. 

Readings are $100 CAD (or $80 USD). If you're not familiar with Human Design and would like to learn more about what your reading includes, you can read about what's included in our readings here or fill out the contact form below with your inquiries or to make a booking.

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WHy Get a reading?

When you book a reading with Jayne at Sleeping Spirit Rising, no prior knowledge of Human Design is necessary. The document you receive as part of your reading can be used for future reference and we will be sure to answer all of your questions when we review it together.

Understanding your Human Design is truly transformative. When you learn to appreciate the mechanics of your own energy, you can begin to accept what is organic to you and STOP trying to be somebody that you're not.


  • Learn how you were designed to move about in the world and how you can meet the path of least resistance

  • Learn about your bodies electromagnetic field and how to tap into your natural, magnetic flow

  • Reduce confusion - when you begin to trust your bodies ability to lead, you can then step out of your head and away from your mental anxieties

  • Begin living for yourself. When you become aware of your energy, you can then start to make decisions in life that are energizing, fulfilling and satisfying, and move away from acting out of fear, greed and obligation

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