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Heal across all dimensions of space and time.  Release what no longer serves you, and reach far beyond the restraints of what you have ever known to be possible through Beyond Quantum Healing.

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beyond quantum healing

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what is Beyond Quantum Healing?

Founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, Beyond Quantum Healing was created to offer a dynamic approach to the infamous Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) originally introduced by Dolores Cannon

While often referred to as a form of 'past life regression' therapy, BQH goes far beyond the experience of past lives. As we know in the realm of Quantum Physics, time is not linear - so you never know what might happen during a session. A BQH session may take you to past, future or even parallel lives. You may experience other dimensions, worlds, or visit the light of Source itself. Beyond Quantum Healing effectively establishes a clear connection with your higher-self, whom then offers its wisdom, guidance and healing from a place within. 

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what does a session look like?

Sessions can look vastly different from one person to the next. However, all sessions will begin with an interview process, where we will dive into your reason(s) for the session (if any). Additionally, we will take some time to dive into your past, noting any prominent periods or experiences that may rear their heads during your session (as much as you feel comfortable sharing, that is). 


During the interview, we will establish a list of questions you would like to explore, as well as an overall intention for the session itself. The intention you set and the questions you ask can be about *anything*. These could be topics of love, spirituality, finance, health etc. Nothing is out of the question. 

After the interview, the session itself will begin. We will begin to align our energies as, Jayne, your BQH practitioner, will subsequently ease you into a state of trance. Generally speaking, the whole process, including the interview, takes roughly about 3 hours. Some people may find that they are able to connect with their highest guidance much quicker than anticipated; while others may find that their subconscious mind has a lot to say! As such, session times can vary. Session rates are per session and not per hour.

If you have never experienced a BQH session or QHHT session, it is highly recommended that you book a free discovery call before booking your session to ensure you know what to expect (or not expect!) Even if you have had a session with another practitioner, it can still be a good idea to have a quick chat with Jayne before booking just to establish that your energies are compatible. Discovery calls are not required but are highly suggested for making a booking.

BQH is a self-healing practice, which means your healing comes from within. While Jayne, your BQH Practitioner, will facilitate and intuitively guide the session, you have the ultimate power. You cannot be persuaded to do anything out of alignment with your highest good. Whether or not you realize it, all of the resources you need are within you and BQH simply serves as a tool in which you can better tune into and receive that guidance.


Whatever your reason may be, if Beyond Quantum Healing speaks to you, it will likely serve as an excellent resource to aid you in better aligning with your highest calling. Book a discovery call or session today and realize the true potential of your power.

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