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human design

Begin to understand your energetic footprint through the lens of Human Design, a framework of your personal energy. Discover your coding at birth and learn to reprogram the very essence of your being back to a place of true authenticity. Wake up to the truth of who you are. 

why human design?

Human Design is a tool utilized for aligning ourselves with our true purpose. For stepping into resonance with our highest good and returning to our home frequency. For learning to listen to the deep intelligence within our bodies. And ultimately, for finding trust in ourselves, in humanity and in the universe.

Image by Bryan Goff
Image by Bryan Goff
Image by Bryan Goff

step into your body

Step into your body and out of your head. Learn to recognize your mind for what it is, a tool. Begin making decisions with your intuition and learn how you were designed to move through the world and meet the path of least resistance. Come into yourself and enjoy the ride.

what is human design?

Human Design is an energetic blueprint of your aura, highlighting your unique abilities and traits. Providing deep insights into your natural way of being, it is essentially your home frequency, your unique energetic 'fingerprint'. This map sheds light on areas where you may be more prone to absorbing, amplifying and internalizing energies around you, and where you are more 'fixed' in your own energy.

Human Design uses a blend of ancient esoteric systems, as well as modern-day science, including:


| The Kabbalah | Astrology | I-Ching | Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System | Quantum Physics | Genetic Code |


Ultimately creating a system of its own, which, displays and calls attention to:

  • How your energy is affected by those around you and how your energy affects others.

  • Insight into your energy levels, how you process emotions, how stress is best handled and where your intuitive insights are at their sharpest.

  • Personality traits, unconscious habits, social orientations and how best to interact with the world you live in.

  • How your body offers its wisdom and guidance in regard to decision-making.


Human Design acts as a framework to help you tap into your body's intelligence, intuition, and purpose, thus providing you with a sense of trust, ease, and method of recognizing your bodies' highest guidance.

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