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Emotional authority

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Human Design Bodygraph Solar Plexus Emotional Authority
Emotional Authority is when the Solar Plexus is Defined in your Bodygraph (Highlighted in the Red Circle Above)

The Emotional Being

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Emotional authority - the most prevalent of authorities in Human Design, but the hardest to pin down (if you ask me, but, as someone with emotional authority, I may be biased).

Quick recap: authority refers to our inner guidance system. The main schtick of Human Design is trusting in the body and its innate guidance. Our inner authority is that guidance. It’s what we look out for, it’s what we feel into and what we act upon (or not)

Having emotional authority means that you have your solar plexus centre defined (meaning that the triangle on the right-hand side of your chart is coloured in, with at least one channel feeding into your solar plexus centre. Having this centre defined means that you are an emotional being (whether or not you recognize it).

*Please keep in mind that your authority is always referred to after using your strategy - and if you’re not sure of your strategy, you can find it by finding and reading up on your aura type and strategy here*

Watching Your Wave

So, what should emotional beings take into consideration?

Number one - spontaneous decisions are not for you! When weighing up a new decision, never act immediately. Give it time to allow your emotions to pass, reaching a state of neutrality. Depending on the decision, this could be anywhere from a couple of days, to a month, or longer. The timing is for you to decide.

As an emotional being, you are privy to emotional ‘waves’. Making a decision at the height of your wave could see that you commit to a project that you have a waning interest for. Alternatively, making a decision during the low point of your wave could see that you turn down a brilliant opportunity for yourself in a knee-jerk reaction. So, play hard to get a little, and see that it works out for you time and time again.

Recognizing Your Wave

Recognizing your wave is another thing entirely. Many emotional beings don't even think of themselves as 'emotional'.

So what should you be on the lookout for?

First, get still after giving it some time. Take some deep breaths and still your mind as best as possible. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath and relax your muscles. Distract yourself from the decision at hand and begin to become aware of your body.

Once you have reached a place of calm, begin to contemplate your decision. Notice how you feel. Notice what comes up. Generally speaking, a feeling of calm, excitement or a lack of nervousness in the body is a go-ahead. You may find that considering a ‘yes’ decision will see that your mind remains still and your muscles remain relaxed.

When the body is indicating a ‘no’, you may notice a tensing of the body, a jittery stomach or a racing mind. Nervousness felt in the body is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t quite right.

Our bodies store our emotions and speak to us quietly through these quiet physical sensations. Be sure to scan your body while in a neutral, calm state, to be able to differentiate between your body’s yeses and no’s.

Separating Head from Heart

Remember, Human Design is about decision-making without the mind. But that's easier said than done, especially when you’re an emotional being.

It’s easy to put a decision in your mind and begin to consider all of the reasons you should or shouldn’t do something. While your body at first feels calm, your mind might begin to chirp in with all of your fears, and doubts and so on.

So be on the lookout for the mental override. Try to observe your thoughts while feeling into your body. For most of us, our minds have been an authority for most of our lives, so it can be scary to trust anything but. Continue to come back to your body, bringing your focus back to your breath to reset if you find your mind becomes too loud.

If it feels right, do this as many times as you need to until you feel you've reached a point of clarity regarding your decision at hand.

The Experiment

Human Design is, above all else, something to be experimented with. I personally was a little frustrated that nobody could make the whole ‘emotional clarity’ thing more concise when I first started diving into my own design.

Trust takes time. Everybody is different. Your emotional authority is for you to feel into, define and recognize.

Be gentle with yourself, go easy and have faith that, in time, you will begin to notice the slight and subtle cues that your body speaks to you in.

I hope that helps all of my beautiful emotional beings! And if you’re not of emotional authority, keep your eyes peeled as I will be addressing the rest of the authorities over the coming weeks in my blog.

And if you’re still feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed by the vast knowledge that HD offers, I offer Human Design readings if you’re looking to dive deeper into your design. You can learn more about what I offer in my readings here, book a reading here, or reach out to me using the contact form below.

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