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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

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We’re jumping into Aura Type and Strategy this week - beginning with Manifestors. If you’re new to my page and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Human Design 101 to catch yourself up on the fundamentals of Human Design.

If you're not sure of your aura type, you can pull up your free bodygraph chart here.

Logistically speaking, being a Manifestor means that you do not have your sacral defined (coloured-in), but you do have at least one motor (motors in Human Design refer to the sacral, root, solar plexus or heart centre) defined to the throat.

Manifestors are the creators, the initiators. Throughout the course of human evolution, Manifestors were the rulers. They were the law-makers, the kings, pharaohs, the bosses of all bosses. As such, they naturally have what can be considered an ‘intimidating’ presence by some.

Manifestors are the second most uncommon aura type, sitting at around 9% of the population. The aura of a Manifestor is closed and ‘repelling’. Not repelling in the way that we think of the word, but in the way that the aura of a Manifestor is concentrated and pushes back on the auras in their presence.

It isn’t Easy

It’s not always easy being a Manifestor. Manifestors are not designed to be controlled and (energetically speaking) is the only aura type that can initiate their manifestations without needing to wait for a sign or invitation from their environment or the people around them. The aura of a Manifestor is designed to ‘repel’ the other auras around it so as to clear a path for themselves to get what they need to get done.

However, often from a young age, they’re taught to wait for others, to include others, to slow down, to get permission and so on. This early conditioning will often instil habits in manifestors that are opposite to how they are designed to interact with the world around them.

And if they’re not, they can often be seen by others as controlling, bossy or even threatening. Many Manifestor’s often feel very misunderstood and unseen, especially when they haven’t yet discovered the power of their design.

Things for manifestors to keep in mind

  1. You are not meant to be controlled. You’re here to follow your heart’s desire! You are the one aura type that is easily able to bring your dreams to fruition, you just need to recognize what dreams genuinely speak to you.

  2. You’re trailblazers. You’re here to invent, create, initiate. You were built to begin new projects on your own, but not necessarily meant to see them all the way through without some help. You’re great at working in spurts and are very productive over short amounts of time, but you do need plenty of rest and alone time. You’re naturally very independent and should be sure to honour that aspect of yourself, allowing time to recharge your batteries.

  3. Your presence impacts everybody around you, whether you’re aware of it or not. People notice when you’re around, but it doesn’t mean that they’re able to pin you down. It’s likely that people will observe your movements, taking note of your actions as they try to figure you out. When you can begin to notice your impact on those around you, you’re closer to understanding how your energy affects those in your aura.

  4. When you understand your own influence on other people, you can then begin to understand your strategy. Your strategy is to inform. Those impacted by your aura might feel a bit unsure of you or may simply feel stifled in their own energy; informing those around you of your intentions, actions, feelings etc. can allow them to recognize and appreciate your objectives. In doing so, you should notice that people begin to lower their guard around you and either get on board or get out of your way. Ultimately, you begin to align yourself with the path of least resistance.

  5. Now, just because you can manifest new projects, doesn’t mean you always should. Beginning something new doesn’t always lead to fulfillment. Each person has their own authority, which should be referred to whenever considering some sort of decision or change in their lives. Authority will vary from person to person depending on their Human Design chart, however, abiding by your authority will ensure that your commitments don’t result in burn-out, disappointment or dismay. Learning to trust in our inner guidance systems greatly lessens the anxiety and fear that stems from the mental back and forth regarding what to do.

  6. You’re designed to experience profound peace, and following your design will lead you there. However, when acting out of accordance with how you were designed to engage, the feeling of anger is common for Manifestors - this is known as your ‘not-self’ theme. Continuously feeling unseen, misunderstood or feeling as though you’re perpetually swimming against the current can see that the feeling of anger begins to rear its head more and more frequently. In learning to follow your strategy and authority, you begin to release the tension within and allow peace both in your inner world and outer.

Are you a Manifestor? Share your experiences below!

And if you're new to your HD journey and are feeling overwhelmed, I offer readings. If you would like to book a reading, you can do so here. Or, if you just have questions or comments, feel free to fill out the contact form below or book a free discovery call with me - I'm more than happy to continue the conversation and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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