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The Gut Response

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Human Design Sacral Centre Highlighted in Yellow

Find your design type, strategy and authority here.

Just a quick refresher: Authority refers to our body’s intuitive guidance. We all have an inner authority that helps guide us to our intended purpose, but we first must learn how to recognize it. If you’re new here, you can catch up by reading my post on the Human Design essentials here.

Generators and Manifesting Generators

The gut-response is something all Generators and Manifesting Generators have access to. Whether or not it’s the ruling authority depends on whether or not the Solar Plexus is defined in the chart.

If your Solar Plexus is defined in your chart (coloured in), your ultimate authority is emotional authority, which means that you must first wait for emotional clarity in regard to your decision making. If you have both of these defined, you can always refer to your gut response as a secondary inner authority, used in tandem with your emotional authority. But if your SP is undefined, then all you need to do is wait to be initiated by your environment and follow your gut… But what does that look like?

The Trademark

The trademark for all Generators is one of having your sacral centre defined. Your sacral centre is an energy centre that lives just below the naval. This is the centre where your life-force energy resides. And this life-force energy is always responding. Whenever anything comes within your field of vision/hearing, your gut response speaks to you in primal ways. It speaks before you have any time to think.

It moves through you, hoping to be noticed. And so, it can be rather hard to miss once you begin to pay attention.

The Language of the Sacral Centre

Of course, the sacral centre can’t communicate in your native tongue.

Instead, it speaks through your posture, through your movement, and through your vocal cords. But, how, exactly?

  1. The Sacral Sounds – The sacral sounds are of the most popular tellers of your body’s sacral guidance. These are the animalistic and almost involuntary grunts and murmurs that you may mutter before your brain gets involved. A ‘yes’ may sound like an excitable and instinctive “mhm!” or ‘sure!’ as someone asks you a question. While a ‘no’ may sound something more like a hesitant “…uh” or an unexcitable “…mmm”. So often we ignore these initial mutterings. We begin to think and we override our body's intuitive guidance. But your sacral asks that you follow it. Listen to it. And trust it.

  2. Changes in Posture – Postural changes also speak up noisily. When something sparks interest in your soul, you may find that your entire body perks up. You may notice that you sit up taller and that your spine comes into better alignment. You may even begin to move towards the person/experience/thing in question. But when something isn’t in alignment for you, you may find the opposite. There may be a feeling of physical polarity with the decision in question. Or you may begin to slink into yourself as your spine curves and your posture shrinks.

This is the way your body speaks to you. It physically moves you towards the things that are correct for you, and away from the things not meant for you. Unfortunately, all too often, our conscious minds step in and override our body’s automatic responses. Honouring these reactions can be difficult at first, but the more you play with them, the more you will develop trust in them. The more you play, the more you trust.

Listening to Your Gut

Listening to your gut can be easier said than done. Sometimes the guidance from your body strays far from what your head wants you to do. Once the mind gets involved, suddenly, it can be very confusing. But remember, your body knows best. Just like birds know how to fly south in the winter, so too does your body know the direction in which you will thrive – you just must learn to step outside of the mind.

Remember, Human Design is an experiment in which the purpose is to reclaim your authority. To be your own authority. So feel into what works for you. Your authority is yours.

It can help to practice with a friend, having them ask you a list of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, observing and pointing out how you physically respond. The more you know how your sacral speaks to you, the more you can begin to carry out its guidance.

It may also help to start small. Recognizing and honouring your gut response may be easier at first when responding to things like whether or not you want to eat. We tend not to mentally question things like whether or not we're hungry. It can be another ballgame entirely when it comes to the big life decisions. So it may help for you to work your way up as you find trust in your sacral.

A Reminder to Respond

Keep in mind, authority is always referred to after strategy. And for you, that means you’re always responding to your environment, rather than initiating within your environment.

This takes patience, but your magnetic aura will ensure that a multitude of various exciting and new endeavours will continue to find you, so trust that all will come to you in divine timing - then check in with your sacral.

And when it does find you, know that your sacral responses act as your compass, helping you navigate through all of the uncertainty we come to meet in this life. Go easy, go slow and know there is no rush. As Ra Uru Hu liked to say: you're right on time.

I do hope that provides some mental clarity so that you can better tune into the clarity that comes from within. If you’re interested in diving deeper into your design, I do offer foundational Human Design readings. You can read more about what’s included in my readings here, make a booking here, or reach out to me using the contact form below.

Thanks for being here today, folks. Until next time.

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