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Your Human Design Reading - what's included?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

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So you’re interested in Human Design - but you’re not quite sure how it all works. The Human Design system in and of itself has a lot of moving parts and can be tough to grasp at first, plus, resources are far and few between.

While Human Design can go incredibly deep, there are a few core elements that need to be felt out and understood first and foremost.

In booking a reading with Jayne at Sleeping Spirit Rising, using your birth time, date and location, we dive into the essential necessities required to understand your personal design.

This will cover:

Your Type, Strategy and Authority

Your 'type' and 'strategy' refer to how you were designed to engage and interact with the world. These elements explain the dynamics of your aura, whether it’s closed, open, absorbing and so on. Each aura 'type' has a specific way in which it best operates, and in surrendering to that modality, we find that we are met with the path of least resistance.

Your 'authority' speaks to your internal guidance system. This guidance system is your way in which you are best oriented to make decisions. In understanding your authority, you then learn to tap into your body, out of the mind, and trust in its intelligence and ability to guide. Many animals can tune into the earth’s electromagnetic field for migration, and like them, we can do the same - we just need to know what to look out for.

Your Profile

Profile in Human Design is the closest thing to a personality report. Profile speaks to a frequency that you operate on and a very generalized path or track you may follow. It speaks to how you live out your life’s purpose but doesn’t describe your purpose itself. Your profile is akin to a train track. While you are the conductor choosing the direction, the train is reliant on the track to get it from point A to B. It’s essentially a natural progression that plays out in how you move about in life.

Your Energy Centres

Your energy centres are more commonly known as Chakras in Hindu-Brahmin traditions. However, Human Design recognizes 9 major centres instead of 7. Each energy centre has a primary theme, and provide insight as to your intake and output of energy. These are where you take in and amplify energy from others, or where you have consistent and reliable access to your energy, therefore influencing more than you are influenced.

Your Channels

Your Channels refer to innate abilities, habits, and skills you incarnated with. These are the primary energies that will manifest routinely in your everyday life. A channel is a pathway between two centres and thus gives those two centres the ability to express themselves and communicate with one another. These are your primary gifts in life that you can learn to recognize, accept, and appreciate of yourself.

Understanding your channels can be a major relief, often we are taught to repress certain aspects of ourselves to better fit in with those around us. Sometimes simply hearing that aspects of ourselves are part of our design can be a big weight off of our shoulders. We can then relax into what comes naturally to us and stop fighting with our truth.

Your Major ‘Not-Self’ Themes

The ‘not-self’ themes refer to themes in our undefined energy centres (undefined meaning that you do not have consistent access to that centre's energy and instead take in and amplify the energy of others). Not-self themes are where our minds go. Since we are taking in that energy and have no reliable way of processing that energy, we can easily get lost in it and internalize it. These themes describe common habits and tendencies that distract us from who we truly are. In bringing awareness to these behavioural patterns we can begin to release ourselves of destructive habits and become wise observers of the energy that we take in.

How to use this information

All of the above will be put into a personalized 8-10 page PDF for you to refer back to in the future. Additionally, an hour-long Zoom call (often an hour and a half) will be scheduled to review your chart with Jayne, where she will synthesize the details of your chart and explain how your energies interact with one another.

Awareness is key. Simply becoming aware of your energies allows you to become more conscious as to your movements, habits, beliefs and emotions. This awareness increases your perceptiveness of the energy within and without, allowing you to then perceive your circumstances/relationships with more clarity, and aid you in recognizing who and what provides you with a sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

Human Design provides many wonderful insights into understanding your own energy. During your reading synthesis, Jayne will provide suggestions and tips so as to tap into these energies and feel into them - but you are in the driver’s seat. You are free to take in and experiment with the information as you so wish. Human Design is a blueprint of your energetic field that helps in guiding you back into your natural flow, but it’s up to you to feel out where exactly that might be.


Additional readings will be offered in the near future, inclusive of:

  1. Human Design Follow-Up Readings - diving deeper into your design.

  2. Human Design centred coaching - using Human Design to tackle and address current issues/goals/blockages you may be feeling or experiencing.

  3. Relationship readings - understanding your dynamics with another person, partner or friend. How you can best support one another, as well as, outline where you may feel compromised or unseen, your attractions to one another, and where your strengths lie.

And if you're new to your HD journey and are feeling overwhelmed, I offer readings. If you would like to book a reading, you can do so here. Or, if you just have questions or comments, feel free to fill out the contact form below or book a free discovery call with me - I'm more than happy to continue the conversation and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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